6. Newbie Q&A (w/ Steve Sellers)

An informal Q&A session with Steve Sellers, an engineer who's new to Helium and has some great questions about the network. We dive deep into hotspot earnings optimization, proof of coverage, cellular backhaul and more.

00:59 - Welcome, Steve's Background, Why We Like Helium
05:14 - HIP 19, Hardware Manufacturing
11:26 - RAK Shipping Delays, Swarm Keys, ECC Chips
14:43 - Proof of Coverage Explanation, GPS Spoofing
17:45 - HNT Rewards Explanation
22:55 - Rewards & Trust in a Post-PoC Era
25:27 - Mining Nodes, Performance, Cloud Mining
30:29 - Optimizing Hotspot Earnings
34:07 - Cellular Backhaul, Outdoor Deployments
37:34 - LoRaWAN use Cases, Layering Protocols, Free Business Ideas
42:42 - Amazon Sidewalk
48:18 - About Me, Public WiFi Networks

Learn more about Helium: https://www.helium.com/

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Follow Helium: @helium

Intro song: Lakey Inspired - Arcade

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